Precision Farm Management

Cloud Computing Application for Arable Farming –
Root Crop, Vegetable & Fruit Growing –
Vineyard & Horticulture

  • Web and Mobile Platforms
  • 3 Months Free Membership Trial
  • Smart Technology Working For You
  • Your eEmployee For €23 Per Month
  • Precision Farm Management & Administration Software Content System
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM Repository) per EU Directive 128/2009/EC
  • Data Protection Act: Unique Owner ID key (Only Registered Owner has data access)
  • Prefarmmcloud and Registered Owner team access cannot view the data
  • Only on permission of the Owner giving their Login and Password to a third party can the data be viewed, otherwise only the Registered Owner of the Software can view their data

Software Functions

  • Team Access Software Levels
  • Management Year Data Filing
  • Field & Tasks Data Recording
  • Agronomy Tasks Requirements List
  • Crop Rotation Chart Planning
  • GPS Field Mapping
  • Weighbridge Recording
  • Weather Data Per Field Auto Recording(Under development)
  • Inventory(Stock) Tracking
  • Farm Economics Accounting
  • Report Generation:
  • Graphical Visualisations
  • Data Tables
  • File Reports on Demand